All-in-One Floor Heating Solution


Carpet Heater has a built-in thermostat, 110volt plug-in, on-off function, that can be remotely adjusted using our free mobile app.

Radiant Floor Heating Systems are perfect for:

Under carpet radiant floor heater with 110v plug-in.


and also . . . . Residential, vacation homes, and apartment buildings;
–  Living rooms and Dens;
–  Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Saunas;
–  Large area carpets, runners, small carpets, and many others.

–  Electric radiant heating mat.
–  Thermostat: 10A Heat Mat Temperature Controller with Outlet, 6.56FT NTC Sensor, F and C Degree, 50-108°F
–  Plug-In: Pre-installed standard 120 volt plug-in outlet.
–  Light adhesive that sticks to the carpet or floor to secure placement
–  Detailed installation manual

10 Sq. Ft. Specifications:

Part Number HTMAT-120-10
Item Weight 8 pounds
Product Dimensions 20.5 x 8 x 8 inches
Size Options 10 sq ft/ 15 sq ft/ 30 sq ft/ 35 sq ft/ 40 sq ft/ 50 sq ft/ 60 sq ft/ 70 sq ft/ 80 sq ft/ 90 sq ft/ 100 sq ft

Voltage 120.00
Wattage 120.00
Amperage Capacity 1 A
Certification certified frustration-free

Mat size: 20″ wide x 6.1ft long
Voltage: 120V; Amps: 1A; Watts: 120W;

Heating cable is only 1/8″ thick and will not raise floors significantly.
Cold lead: 10ft.
Cable spacing: 3″.
System output: 12Watts per sq.ft (41 BTU/sq.ft);
120V mats can be combined to heat up to 150sq.ft. of space using a single thermostat.
UL listed.


Carpet Heater is UL listed for USA (complies with electrical safety standards).

Heating cable is only ~1/8″ thick and will not raise the finished floor significantly.
adhesive mat backing allows the mat to lay flat and stay flat – making installation much faster and easier.
Zero Electromagnetic Field.
Made using the highest quality materials in the industry.
Heating cable is spaced at 3″ apart for optimal heat distribution.
Comes with a single armored 10ft long cold lead wire for easy connection to the thermostat.


We have a provisional patent pending filed on this product at the U.S. Patent Office. This includes everything described above, except for the thermostat version of this product, which is separate. The USPTO Number is 50274819.





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